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Cleaning Service

A cleaning service operator cleans a carpet

Cleaning services are very common these days. Cleaning services can be general cleaning for homes and/or businesses or they can specialize in a certain area such as carpets and windows.

What You Will Need to Get Started   How Much Can I Make?
  • There are no special licenses or certifications needed to open a cleaning service although you might need a business license in your city or town.
  • You should also speak with a lawyer about forming a legal business entity even if just for the tax breaks.
  • You need basic cleaning equipment. Although some private home cleaners use the cleaning supplies already in the house. It depends on your agreement. There are websites that sell cleaning supplies in bulk.
  • If you are going to specialize you will need the special equipment and to know how to use that equipment. For example, a carpet steamer or a floor buffer.
  • There are also cleaning trade associations that you can join that offer you resources for your business.


  • This amount will vary depending where you are and if you are cleaning a home or business but most cleaners charge between $10-20 per hour. Specialty cleaners can charge several times this amount if they are good enough.


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